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Forage mixture of semi-persistent species

The M-TRIAL forage mix guarantees your meadow will last for 3 years and maintain its composition.

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Durability guaranteed: 2 productive, long-lasting hybrid ryegrass varieties and clover varieties to ensure continued production;
  • Very high production;
  • High, balanced feed value.

Why choose Cérience's M-Trial medium-term mix?

Guaranteed longevity:
M-TRIAL is made up of 2 hybrid ryegrass varieties:

  • TONUSS is a very productive variety (+ 114% of controls when registered) ;
  • ENDURO is very persistent (score: 6.8) and also produces abundant leafy regrowth;

M-Trial is also made up of 3 clover varieties that relay production between each other:

  • LESTRIS, a very persistent red clover in a mixture, and DIPLO, a very productive red clover, ensure the presence of clover in the mixture throughout the farm. Production peaks in the 2nd year;
  • VASCO: early, highly productive red clover increases the amount of clover in the forage in the 1st year;
  • GIGA: white clover with broad leaves and elongated petioles, highly resistant to competition, helps to maintain the presence of clover in 3rd year.

Clover seeds benefit from SAS STIM seed technology.

Very high production:
M-TRIAL offers very high production from the 1st cut, with a majority of hybrid ryegrass and red clover. The regrowth is then balanced between hybrid ryegrass, red clover and white clover, allowing production to be spread out.

High, balanced feed value:
M-TRIAL provides a balanced forage with very good protein value thanks to the constant presence of clover. The mixture is also very flexible to use.

Seed technologies

The clovers in this mix are coated with SAS STIM seed technology:

sas-stim sas-stim SAS STIM is a biostimulant designed to secure the establishment of forage legumes and boost resistance to stress.

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Legal information :
Non-contractual document. The information contained in this document is given for guidance only and may vary according to soil and climate conditions. The varieties included in the mix may vary according to availability.

SAS STIM : OSYR - AMM n°108002 - Unclassified - Property FRAYSSINET La Mothe 81240 ROUAIROUX.
Our SAS STIM coated seeds contain 70% bare seed and 30% coating.