Cover crops and catch crops

Cover crops for all agronomic needs: intercropping, protection, soil structure and fertility, biofumigation, biogas, etc. 

A complete range of cover and catch crops

For almost 30 years, Cérience has been involved in a breeding varieties dedicated to soil coverage, service plants, green manure and also flowering fallows and companion plants for oil seed rape and maize. 

Leader and pioneer on the French cover crop market, Cérience currently offers you a very extensive portfolio segmented according to the uses: 

  • Cover and catch crops: Chlorofiltre range 
  • Companion planting: Companion plants range 
  • Under sowing solution: Chlorofiltre SC range (maize)
  • Fallows: Solvert range 
  • Seed mixtures for pollinators: Meliflore and Champs Fleuris mixtures
  • Wildlife fallows: Actifaune 

The benefits of the agronomic covers

Cover crops are major agronomic tools for agriculture and rotations. Often called service plants or green manure, cover crops have many benefits: improvment of soil fertility, nitrogen fixation, reduction of erosion, nitrogen traping, soil life and structure improvment, weed smothering and herbicide reduction.  

They are now used for all kind of agricultures: conventional, organic, durable agriculture, no-till farming, etc. 
Thus, cover crops contribute to a more sustainable agriculture where soil and water resources protection and the development of biodiversity are priorities.