Key figures & implantations

Discover the scope of Cérience company with some key figures and a list of our main industrial sites.

A few figures about Cérience activity 


Our implantations

Cérience is located in the Great-West of France, in the historic territory of the Terrena cooperative. Our main industrial sites are in the Maine-et-Loire (49) and the Vienne (86), a very good geographic area for seeds production.   
Thanks to our commercial and experimentation network, we are present on the whole national territory and also abroad. We are developing close relationships in order to be able to accompany each of our clients in a personalised way.

Beaufort-en-Vallée factory

This factory is one of the biggest in Europe, it allows to sort any kind of seeds: maize, sunflower, rapeseed, cereals, forage, vegetables, flowers, etc.

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Cissé factory

This site is specialised in forage seeds processing (grasses and leguminous crops) and cover crops.

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Vern d’Anjou factory

This industrial site is mainly specialised for the treatment of cereals and protein crops seeds.

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Saint-Sauvant station

This research and development station is specialised for the creation of forage varieties: alfalfa, grasses and leguminous crops.

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Vienne-en-Val station

The Vienne-en-Val station focuses its research on species used as cover crops such as oats, vetches and clovers.

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A few figures about our industrial tool

Sorting lines
Coating lines
Bagging lines
m2 For drying
m2 For storage
Certified laboratories
Samples controlled/year

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