Our activities

Cérience is at the same time a seed producer-breeder, a supplier for agricultural distribution and a supplier of services for seeds production.

3 complementary expertises

As our agricultural model is undergoing a major transformation, Cérience wishes more than ever to share its unique know-how with its customers and partners! Indeed, Cérience is an atypical player in the agricultural landscape since we bring together 3 complementary expertises, 3 fields of activity: 
•    The seeds, alfalfa, forage, cover crops and field crops  
•    The solutions: crops health and nutrition 
•    The services: seeds production, industrial processing and supply chain  
These 3 activities are opportunities to build the foundations of a new modern, engaged and responsible agriculture.  


Cérience is a French seed producer-breeder leader in many markets: alfalfa, forage, cover crops, protein crops and maize. In Europe, almost 80% of the leguminous crops varieties we are providing come from our genetic!
Cérience also represents a unique expertise in the field of ready-to-use mixes forage with the M-the-Mixes brand and for cover crops with the Chlorofiltre and Viver ranges.

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For more than 20 years, Cérience has been developing and marketing a bio-inputs range and alternative solutions to conventional plant protection products. In particular, we offer a full range of spray adjuvants, soil additives and a range of fodders preservatives. We are also one of the leading players for biocontrol solutions (grapevine, arboriculture and gardening) and bio-nutrition.

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Finally, Cérience is a B to B service providers specialised in seeds production and related services. With our offer 360 Seed Service, we offer to the seed producers breeders a full catalogue of services from R&D to the delivery:
• Seeds production: more than 80 species mastered.
• Techno-seeds: laminating and coating with the SAS range.
• Industrial process: sorting, calibrating, disinfection, packaging.
• Storing and supply chain.
• Stockage et logistique.

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