Cérience offers you a full range of adjuvants: wetting agents, oils and amonium sulfate.

Optimising crops protection!

Monitoring crop protection while keeping environmental friendly practices is nowadays the daily life of every farmer.  

In order to meet this dual challenge, Cérience has developed for nearly 30 years, a complete range of adjuvants. They meet the technical, economic and environmental challenges such as the reduction of FTI (frequency treatment indicator), the reduction of drift, low-volume treatments as well as optimizing tractor movements in the field.  

Our biobased adjuvants allow you to optimise the efficiency of your plan protection treatments while reducing their impact on the environment.  

The 3 goals of Cérience adjuvants:  

Improving the efficiency: in some restricting outside conditions, the use of an adjuvant supports the efficacy of the plant protection products. The adjuvant improves and secures the efficiency of its associated plant health product.  

Improving the quality of spraying: the quality of spraying greatly influences the efficiency of a treatment. The adjuvant improves the quality of the spray (more stable and more homogeneous) and reduces the drift phenomenon; the application of plant health product becomes more accurate. 

Reducing the Environmental Impact: less drift, more product on the target, a higher or equal efficiency with a lower dosing rate, etc. The adjuvant optimises the treatment efficiency and thus contributes to the development of a more competitive and environmental friendly agriculture. 

Depending on the treatment type (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides), our adjuvants can fulfil various goals (functions): 

  • Improving the quality of the spray (antifoam, water hardness, etc.). 
  • Improving the spraying quality (drift reduction) 
  • Retention of the spray on the leaves (anti-rebound)
  • Spreading of the spray on the leaves 
  • Penetration inside the plant (cuticula) 
  • Reduction of leaching

For more information, contact us or ask your agronomist for advices.