Adjuvant for herbicides
PRESTO is an adjuvant to be used with systemic herbicides, for cereals, maize and with glyphosate-based herbicides.

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Minimized product waste as PRESTO® allows the herbicide to stick to the target ;
  • Increased amount of product reaching the target ;
  • Boosted herbicide efficiency even in unsuitable weather conditions.

PRESTO in detail

A new adjuvant technology

PRESTO is composed of alkyl polyglucoside, a new adjuvant technology coming from the green chemistry industry
Thanks to this new technology combined with 2 co-adjuvants, PRESTO boosts herbicide efficiency by acting as a:

Sticker : PRESTO holds the sprayed droplets in place on the target, thereby reducing droplet rebound and run-off

Penetrant : PRESTO increases and speeds up the penetration of herbicides through plant cuticles

Wetter : PRESTO captures moisture from the atmosphere, preventing droplets sprayed on the leaves to dry out too fast.

Safety data sheet

pdf download ico  Presto - Safety data sheet