Cover crops species

Discover our variety assortment dedicated to cover crops to be used straight or within multi-species mixes.  

A specific and unique breeding effort!

Do you wish to sow some cover crop species (mustard, phacelia, etc.), wich could be used as forage as well, or are you willing to elaborate your own mix? Discover our catalogue of species for cover crops uses. 
For almost 30 years, we have been developing specific breeding programs for cover crops. Thus, we can currently offer a catalogue of unique varieties in order to meet the diversity of agronomic goals, uses and rotation constraints. Our breeding work focuses on 3 species: 
Legumes: this category has many agronomic benefits when used as cover crop especially regarding the nitrogen fixation ability to the benefit of the next crops. Furthermore, it has a great diversity of species: clovers, alfalfa, vetches, etc. 
Cruciferous (Brassicaceae) offer very a fast establishment advantage as well as a very high nitrogen trapping ability. They are also able to act against soil pathogens such as nematodes. 
Black oat (Avena strigosa) is a key cover crop specie: fast establishment, important biomass production, easily destroyed by frost, etc. We offer you a large portfolio of varieties, from early to late matierial, that can match with your rotation targets.