Our network of production farmers

For the seeds multiplication, we currently work with approximately 1,500 farmers specialised in seeds production.

Some figures about our network of producers:

Hectares of production
Production farmers
Cérience technical supervisors
Multiplied species

A national network of experienced farmers

Production farmers are key players in our seed production and quality scheme. True partners, these farmers are expert in seed production. They have a valuable know-how and they operate specific equipments. This activity often represents more than 50% of their turnover. 
Approximately 1,500 farmers are currently taking part in our multi-species production on the whole national territory.  

For historical reasons, more than a third of these producers are located in the area of influence of the Terrena cooperative; a terroir known worldwide for the quality of its lands and climate. Most of them are also members of Terrena. 

We want to perpetuate this partnership as much as we can; for us it is a sign of trust and quality. Thus, 80% of those farmers have been working with Cérience for more than 10 years! 

An exceptional location for seeds multiplication

Often considered as a world expertise area for seed production, France has unmatched territories and climates for seed production.  

Of course, we are relying on this national competence for our production activity, but also on the farmers skills. 

Those partner farmers are located on 4 major production areas:

The Central-West of France (Loire Valley and Poitou-Charentes) is the historic heart of our seeds production. Our 3 industrial sites are located in this region and more than 600 of our producers are also there. Most of them are members of the Terrena cooperative.  

Cérience is also presents in the Centre Beauce region (vegetables), in the South-West and in the East of France (legumes). 
This wide coverage provides us a way to adapt the pedoclimatic conditions to the various species, and thus to make the production more reliable.

Technical and agronomic support

Cérience has a team of 20 technical supervisors who support the producers network.
They are there throughout the whole production cycle: field validation, soil preparation, sowing, maintenance, harvest (machine calibration) and finally storage of the harvest (moisture measurement, sampling).

The Cérience technicians advise the farmers for each step of the technical process.

They also follow-up each plot thanks to our decision tool such as Consélio Semence. 

A steady improvment of yields

Cérience now has a research & development team dedicated to seeds production.

Its work is to identify new agronomic and technical innovations in order to, on one hand, improve yields and, on the other hand, secure the durability of our seed production, promoting biodiversity! 
Partnerships with the technical and the R&D services of our customers already support the implementation of new agricultural practices: mechanical weed control, under sowing technics, high density sowing, etc. These techniques are real alternatives to the conventional practices and are in line with the new societal expectations. 

Looking for innovation also means the use of new technologies (precision agriculture) and especially the decision support tools: Consélio Semences, ABS System, irrigation, etc.

Do you want to produce seeds with Cérience?

If you would like to join our production farmers network, feel free to send us a message, one of our team member will contact you!

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