Messager biocontrol: further extensions of use

Already approved for vines and vegetable crops, the Messager biocontrol solution has its authorised uses extended to many crops:

  • Straw cereals (oat, wheat, barley, rye, buckwheat)
  • Pome fruit (Apple, Pear, Quince, Medlars, Nashi, Azarole)
  • Banana tree
  • Hops
  • Rice
  • Tobacco
  • Perfume, Aromatic, Medicinal and Condiment Plants
  • Ornamental crops (in open field or under shelter)

The Messager is a Natural Defence Stimulator (NDT) based on COS-OGA. It provides effective protection against both the mildew and the powdery mildew and it is already used on more than 30,000 ha of vines.

Messager is a biocontrol solution without classification, that can be used for organic farming.
This extension of use opens up new prospects in markets where there are few biocontrol products. It should allow to reduce the use of conventional plant protection treatments on those crops and support the development of organic farming for cereals.

The Messager is available under the names Mesalia and Mestar.

See the Messager product sheet  

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