Decision support tools


Decision support tools

With the myChlorofiltre DST, estimate the biomass of your cover crops.

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Unique, simple and practical tool
  • Estimation of the biomass in less than 1 minute
  • Help to choose a cover crop
  • Free app

An innovative tool

The myChlorofiltre App is a decision support tool (DST) dedicated to cover crops. Developed by Cérience, myChlorofiltre is the only app allowing to estimate the biomass of a cover crop from some pictures: an innovative, easy-to-use and free tool!

3 complementary services

Choosing my cover
Intercrop covers, green fertiliser, grapevine grassing, companion plants, etc. this decision support service allows you to choose a cover adapted to your needs in a few questions.

Succeeding with my implantation
The app shows you the key steps to successfully implement your plant cover.

Estimating my biomass
This service allows you to estimate the agronomic and economic benefits of your cover: biomass produced (t/MS/ha), stored NPK elements, restitution to the next crop and an estimate in euros of potential fertilisation savings.

Download the myChlorofiltre App

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