Cérience develops and distributes alternative solutions for crop protection, health and nutrition.

New solutions for crop protection and nutrition 

Agriculture is evolving: new models, development of organic production (organic farming), reduction of plant health treatments, environmental concerns, biodiversity, animal welfare, etc. 

In order to support and initiate the move towards these agricultural schemes, Cérience has been developing plant protection and nutrition alternative solutions for more than 30 years:   

  • Adjuvants to optimise treatment efficiency and reduce "TFI" (treatment frequency indicator)  
  • Soil additives to optimise the fertilisation or the use of the water resource 
  • Biocontrol products to develop organic solutions
  • Forage and silage inoculants to optimise the nutritional value of harvested forage 
  • Rhizobium to ensure the establishment of legume crops

The solutions we are offering meet two targets:  

  • Developing a performant agriculture: improving the harvest quality and the crop yields 
  • Promoting a more sustainable agriculture: developing products and practices that are more environmental and soil-friendly. 


For both organic or conventional farming, discover our range of biocontrol and organic solutions dedicated to crop protection and nutrition.


Cérience offers you a full range of adjuvants (wetting agents, oils and ammonium sulfate) in order to optimise the efficiency of your herbicide, fungicide and insecticide.

Soil additive

Cérience offers you some innovative soil additives to improve and secure your crops yields such as root growth stimulant, etc.

S.A.S : Seeds applied solutions

Our Seed Applied Solutions (S.A.S) support crop establishment by providing micro-nutrients, rhizobium, and growth activators to the seeds.



Discover our range of rhizobium for legumes: alfalfa, soybean and lupine. The seed inoculation secures the crop establishment and promotes the development of nodules for nitrogen fixation.

Silage inoculant

Our Silo-King products improve the feeding value and secure the good conservation of your harvested fodder: grass or corn silage, bailing and hay.