Silage inoculant

Improve the quality of your stored forage (silage, bailing, hay) thanks to the Nutri-Goal inoculant!

Healthier and more palatable forages!

Our Nutri-goal inoculants secure the quality of your forages while optimizing their feeding value and keeping them healthy, palatable and more digestible. Achieving a good forage and silage conservation is essential to reach food autonomy, and to improve the profitability of the farms! 

Whatever your type of forage (grasses, legumes, rye, corn...) and its conservation method (hay, bailing or silage), Nutri-Goal optimizes its quality thanks to 4 combined functions: 

  • Reduction of heating, the bales keep green.
  • Less moulds, nice appearance without unpleasant smell.
  • Improvement of the digestibility of fibers.
  • Faster and more efficient pH reduction during bailing.

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