The alfalfa is a protein rich legume, resistant to drought and self-sufficient on nitrogen. 

The queen of the forage

Thanks to its many agronomic and nutritional benefits, alfalfa is a top fodder: alfalfa is a winter hardy plant, drought resistant, persistent, input saving, self-sufficient on nitrogen and moreover it is a very good protein, mineral, vitamin and digestible fibre supplier; could it be better? 

Thus, this legume is perfectly suitable for livestock and a good way to reach the protein autonomy of the herd.

35 years of alfalfa breeding

When choosing a Cérience alfalfa variety, you benefit from 35 years of experience and breeding.

First European breeder of alfalfa, we have registered many varieties and several of them are still very popular in France and Europe: Occitane, Tequilla, Milky Max, Galaxie, etc.

Our breeding criteria are currently evolving to face the climatic change challenges and to support food self-sufficiency for cattle breeders. Varieties mixtures is one of the innovations you will find in our catalogue.

Pre-Inoculated Seeds

Cérience has developed the S.A.S Gold seed technology. It is a seed coating combining pre-inoculation and micro nutrition. This innovation boosts crop emergence and secures the establishment of alfalfa.

Right Dosage of Seedlings

Our alfalfa seeds can be packed in Précidose®. Each Précidose® contains the accurate amount of seed for half a hectare. The good way to ease and optimise your seedlings!