Forage - Ready to use seed mixtures

The multi-species meadows keep attracting more and more breeders: easy to cultivate, more regular yields and more palatable forage! 

Discover our innovative range of multi-species forage mixtures

It is often thought that combining the best varieties is enough to get a good mix; reality is much more complex! 

Our multi-species forage mixtures include varieties specifically choosen for their ability to grow in a mix. Those mixes have been evaluated during research programms such as the "Praise" project, which was conducted together with the french agronomic institute : "INRAE".  

Thus, one of the differences of our mixes is that some of them may include several varieties within each specie. As a result a mix may contain 2 or 3 varieties of the same specie! 

This intraspecific diversity support higher performances such as yield consistency and persistency of the meadow. 
Generally speaking, the main goals of our breeding programs are: 

  • To ensure more important and regular yields at each cut.
  • To secure forage yields by getting adapted to the soil heterogeneity and climatic hazards.  
  • To reduce the nitrogen fertilisation needs thanks to the legumes.
  • To control weeds.

To meet the needs of cattle breeders, we offer you a full range of forage mixtures, multi-species grazing or mowing mixtures, catch crops, cereal based forage mixtures, short, medium or long-term mixes, etc.