Forage - Ready to use seed mixtures


Forage mixture of semi-persistent species

Clovers all the time!

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Guaranteed longevity
  • Very high production 
  • High and well balanced feed quality.

Why choose M-Dial forage mixture?

M-DIAL is a blend specially designed for a 3 years persistency . It can be mowed and grazed. The various clover varieties allow a long growth periode over the years.

Guaranteed persistency:

  • M-DIAL is based on TONUSS hybrid ryegrass, a very productive variety (111% vs. reference on official trials);
  • Moreover, the clover varieties used are among the best of their category and ensure a production relay between them:
  • LESTRIS is a very persistent red clover eve in mixtures and DIPLO is a very productive red clover. Both clovers will be found in the mix during the whole life of the ley. Their production peak is during the 2nd year;
  • VASCO: early and very productive crimson clover which provides an important clover in the mix on the 1st year;
  • GIGA: big leaf white clover, very resistant to competition that ensures the clover presence up to the 3rd year.
  • Purple clover are coated with S.A.S ENERGY which contains a cocktail of micronutrients to secure the crop establishment.

Very high production:

  • M-DIAL produces a lot of biomass from the 1st cut thanks to hybrid ryegrass and crimson clover.
  • Then, the regrowth is balanced between hybrid ryegrass, purple clover and white clover, all over the year.

High and well balanced feeding value:

  • M-DIAL provides a balanced fodder with a very good protein value thanks to the constant presence of clover.
  • The mix also offers a flexible crop management.

Seeds coating technologiies

M-Dial is also available with SAS STIM technology:

sas-stim S.A.S STIM : seeds with biostimulant to stimulate establishment and reinforce resistance to stress


Legal notices:
This document is provided for information purpose only. Recommandations may vary according to local soil and climate conditions and local agricultural practices. The varieties included in the mix may change depending on the availabilities.

SAS STIM: OSYR - AMM n°108002 - Without classification - Property FRAYSSINET La Mothe 81240 ROUAIROUX - Our coated seeds S.A.S STIM contain 70% of naked seeds and 30% of coating.