Ambitions & Values

Establishing the foundations of the 3rd agriculture path, reconciling economic, environmental and societal expectations.

    “With Cérience, L'Agronome semencier,
we want to serve farmers,
people and nature
through an agronomy that is sustainable
and beneficial to everyone!”

Luc Saint-Bonnet - Cérience Managing Director


To reach this, the company is committed to: 

  • A cooperative research process.  
  • A full and customised service offer for the seeds companies and breeders: 360° Seed Service
  • The deployment of our agronomic expertise and innovative solutions for a more efficient and environmental-friendly agriculture. 
  • A close relation with our customers and with farmers.  

All the ambition of Cérience is revealed through four variations of our signature, L'Agronome semencier. Those four variations are resonating like so many fundamentals necessary for tomorrow’s agriculture!

Cérience, the Pioneering & Committed Agronomist  

Today, we all want an agriculture that is productive, competitive, ecological and sustainable. An agriculture that feeds the entire earth and at the same time, preserves the soil and the planet, while sustaining farms. We believe that saying is not enough and that action is essential, too. And we have been doing this for over 50 years.  

Cérience, the Expert & Innovative Agronomist

As pioneers, together with our research and production teams, we set up extensive innovation programmes at a very early stage that have turned into real successes beneficial to all. Because our solutions developed yesterday meet today’s expectations of sustainable performance, and the ones developed tomorrow will meet the challenges of the future of Agriculture.  

Cérience, the Forward-Thinking & Responsible Agronomist

We believe that only a new agronomic approach will enable agriculture to develop sustainably. Leguminous crops, plant covers, seed technologies, bio-inputs, biocontrol, etc., we use all the levers of R&D to develop alternative solutions for production and agricultural sectors, sources of decisive progress for humans and the environment.  

Cérience, the Unifying Agronomist & Connected to You

Our agronomic approach is human and forward thinking. We believe in progress and we believe that human beings, through the power of their ideas and their will to move forward collectively, are in a position to meet the challenges that lie ahead and support the agricultural world of tomorrow with confidence.

A strategic project of the Terrena cooperative 

With the birth of Cérience, Terrena reaffirms the strategic importance of seed activities and solutions for the agricultural cooperative. 
The merger between Jouffray-Drillaud and Terrena Semences allows the agricultural cooperative to position itself as a leader in the field of seeds production (maize, vegetables, forage, cereals and protein crops).  
This development is part of its project of Progressing agriculture project and reflects its desire for a strong territorial anchorage. 

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Cerience : our values in practice

Cérience is fully commited to the Terrena 2030 strategy wich is based on an organize and concrete action plan. To achieve all this is practice, we need to act together, speak the same language, and have the same intentions, whatever our professions and functions. This common frame of reference is our values :

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