Discover our rhizobium for alfalfa, soybean and lupine seeds.

Optimising the legumes establishment

Cérience offers you a ready-to-use rhizobium range, which is essential to ensure the proper establishment of alfalfa, soybean and lupine seeds.  
Legumes have an extraordinary property: they are able to catch the nitrogen in the air in order to use it for their own nutrition! This phenomenon allows the legumes to be self-sufficient on nitrogen. Legumes do not require any nitrogen fertilisation. 

However, this natural nitrogen fixation ability requires the presence of specific bacteria in the soil, such as Sinorhizobium meliloti for the alfalfa.  
Using rhizobium consists in directly bringing the right bacteria on the seed before sowing. 

The inoculation will promote nodules production on the roots allowing the symbiosis between the bacteria and the roots and the production of nitrogen. The crop will then grow faster and the plants will develop better thanks to the fixation of the atmospheric nitrogen!