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You want to give meaning to your carer by getting involved in the agricultural sector, so do not hesitate any more and contact us!

Building together tomorrow’s agriculture!

Joining Cérience, subsidiary of the Terrena cooperative, is to join a key player in agriculture, a leader in many markets, an ambitious and committed company, ready to meet the new challenges of the agricultural transition.  

Joining Cérience is also mainly to join men and women sharing the strong value of Cérience on a daily basis. 

Joining Cérience is to bring your talent to the benefit of a collective adventure, it is to evolve within an agrifood group of more than 13,500 employees, rich of know-how and opportunities.  

And you, why do you want to join Cérience? 


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Join us - Mégane's testimony

Mégane shares with you her journey at Cérience l'agronome semencier. If you wish to live the same experience and join us, don't hesitate any longer !

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Cérience, L'Agronome semencier, some founding values

Safety and well-being at work 

“Safety first!” this is the mantra of the Terrena Group applied in each of its activities, whether administrative, technical or industrial. For health and safety at work, we also raise awareness and train our employees to take care of themselves and also of their colleagues. 
Well-being at work is also 5 concrete commitments made by Terrena and Cérience for their employees: 

  • Support for parenthood 
  • Reception of disabled workers 
  • Equality between women and men 
  • Balance between personal and professional life 
  • Right to disconnect 

Giving responsibility! 

We are convinced that giving responsibility to each collaborator is a key leverage for the performance of our company. Each of us needs to be able to decide about the actions they need to do to accomplish their missions. 

This greater autonomy also allows for a “right to error” as we encourage exploring new methods or processes that will enable us to boost our productivity and strive for operational excellence. 


Relying on the  collective intelligence to work together toward the accomplishment of common objectives is part of our DNA. We make the most of each other’s abilities, thinking and skills to manage to find creative and innovative solution to the most difficult challenges. 
Making progress! 

At Cérience, skill development is one of our priorities. This is why, training schemes are designed so everyone can progress in their job. A winning opportunity for everybody! 

This desire to improve the skills goes hand in hand with personal ambitions: every single person is the engine of their own career.

Cérience, a diversity of professions and talents!

semences ray grass variete
Research and development

Innovate day by day

Some jobs in the research and development division :
breeder, R&D technician, operations manager, project manager, scientific director...
production semences mais
Seeds production and services

Produce exceptional seeds!

Our jobs: market manager, production manager, production technician, technical agent...
semences qualite laboratoire
Quality safety and environment (QSE), laboratory

Ensure our success

Our professions: QSE manager, QSE coordinator, laboratory manager, laboratory analyst, sampling and metrology coordinator, etc.
techno semences enrobage
Factory and supply chain

Give the best!

Our professions: Operators and managers of industrial sites (reception, flow, sorting, packaging, techno-seeds...), team leaders, dock managers, forklift operators, technical managers, maintenance managers, flow managers, logistic managers, purchasing and supply managers...
poste emploi agroalimentaire
Supporting functions

Cultivate skills

Our jobs: accounting manager, financial controller, accountant, administrative positions, receptionist...
emploi job agriculture
Human resources

Promote talents

Our jobs: human resources manager, personnel administration and payroll manager, project manager...
technicien agricole conseil
Marketing and sales

Delight the user experience

Our professions: sales manager, regional manager, account manager, market development engineer, customer service representative, market manager, communication manager (institutional and internal communication, operational marketing, digital, DST)