S.A.S : Seeds applied solutions

Our Seed Applied Solutions (S.A.S) support crop establishment by providing micro-nutrients, rhizobium, and growth activators to the seeds.

Seeds applied solutions : a Cérience's expertise with 20 years of experience

For more than 20 years, we have been a major player in the development and use of seeds applied solutions. These solutions have been develop to promote quality seeds, which adapt to most challenges that farmers are facing: crop establishment, lack of nutrients, inoculation needs...
Therefore, we built a range composed of 3 categories of products: biosourced active ingredients, natural ingredients, and formulated solutions.

Day after day, our R&D team dedicated to seeds technologies works on the development of new formulations.
This team, associated with our research laboratories, carries out nearly 500 formulation tests each year. They validate the quality of coated seeds (components, germination and dust tests).
Before being launched on the market, our seeds applied solutions and active ingredients are also tested in field situations in order to validate the performance of the solutions and their agronomic benefits. These trials take place either in one of our R&D stations, or on our experimental and demo platforms, or in our network of reference farmers. 

We also cooperate closely with external partners such as Frayssinet, CybeleAgro, and FYTEKO.

Today, we are able to offer to farmers, seeds applied solutions for alfalfa (SAS READY, SAS ENERGY, SAS GOLD, SAS LIFE), for cover crops (SAS MYC), but also for field crops such as corn and pulses: SAS INSEMO and SAS INSEMO B

Our seeds applied solutions for an optimized valorization of your genetics

Thanks to our expertise, we offer our seed partners and breeders a complete range of solutions and industrial services in seed technologies. Our goal is to share all our know-how with them (solutions, formulation and application) as well as to study with each of them customized solutions to fulfill their needs and expectations.