S.A.S : Seeds applied solutions


S.A.S : Seeds applied solutions

CERASTICK 20 is a sticker for seeds. It's bio-based and micro-plastic free!

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Suitable to all crops
  • Biosourced components
  • Can be used in organic agriculture
  • Easy to implement on an industrial scale
  • Versatility
  • Neutral color

Benefits in detail

Biosourced components and organic approved: 
The ingredients of CERASTICK 20 sticker are bio-based. This sticker is micro-plastics free, usable in Organic Agriculture according to European regulation EU 2018/848 & 2021/1165

Easy to implement on an industrial scale:

  • No dirt and easy to clean
  • No dust, and good fixation of coating powders

For many uses: 

  • Compatible with all types of active ingredients, biostimulants, micro-organisms...
  • Suitable for all types of seeds

Cérience advises you

We advise you to use Cerastick 20 on cleaned and dusted free seeds to improve the esthetic outcome on the seeds. 

Implementation : contact us for more information

Dosing rate : the dosing rate varies according to the type of seeds, we suggest a grid of dosing rate to adjust to your targets and to your crops.


  • 1000 L IBC tank
  • 10 L drum


Legal notice : 

This document is provided for information purpose only. Recommendations may vary according to local soil and climate conditions and local agricultural practices.