S.A.S : Seeds applied solutions


S.A.S : Seeds applied solutions

NURSEED is a biostimulant for forage seeds.

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Biostimulant 
  • Can be used in organic farming
  • Dedicated to forage crops
  • Signal molecule
  • High compatibility and good seed coating
  • Biosourced origin
  • Very stable solution

Benefits in detail

Signal molecule:

Nurseed allows an accumulation of osmoprotectant and antioxidants for a better tolerance to abiotic stresses and a better recovery after a stress. This biostimulant has an effect on the homogeneity of crop emergence and on the kinetics of emergence. 

Compatibility and recovery:

Nurseed is compatible with the different active ingredients on the market, whether they are biological or synthetic. This biostimulant is concentrated and not very viscous which facilitates its application and the seed coating. Finally, it has no negative effect on the dust rate or seedability of seeds. 

Biosourced origin and organic farming:

Nurseed is unclassified, non-hazardous to the environment and the operator. It is a sustainable solution, with a water-based formulation. In addition, it is usable in organic agriculture and can be applied on conventional or organic seeds. 


Nurseed has no effect on seed germination. Studies have shown a stability of the solution of more than 18 months.

Cérience vous conseille

Afin d'améliorer la fixation du Nurseed autour des semences, nous conseillons le pelliculant d'origine biosourcée sans microplastique CERACOAT G 11. Ce pelliculant répond aux normes poussières. S'adapte à tous les types de semences


  • 1000 L IBC tank