About us

Cérience is a seed breeder and a solution designer for the agriculture of today and tomorrow!

Cérience, a new agricultural player

Cérience is a French company coming from the merger of two entities of the Terrena agricultural cooperative: Jouffray-Drillaud and Terrena Semences. 
Cérience, L'Agronome semencier has the ambition to support the agricultural and food transition, by contributing to the value of the farms while promoting the sustainability of the soils and of the ecosystems. 
In order to develop what is now called the 3rd agricultural path, Cérience is involved in the creation, the breeding, the production and the marketing of seeds, technological solutions and innovative and durable bio-inputs.  

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Cérience, a name with a strong meaning

The roots of the name Cérience come from the Roman mythology, as it refers to: 
Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture, harvest and fertility.  
Through its ending, Cérience resonates with experience and science; the experience of passionate women and men, a synonym of innovation and solution. 
In its graphic layout, the first letter of Cérience proudly appears like an initial - it seems to introduce a new story, the first step of the third agricultural path! 

L'Agronome semencier, a committed signature

The signature L'Agronome semencier expresses our ambition to become a key player of the agricultural transformation. A transformation based on the use of sustainable seeds and solutions and on a new agronomic approach. A solid and unique expertise, thanks to our know-how and our proximity to agricultural players.

More than 50 years of experience!

If Cérience seems to be a young sprout which just got out of the ground, it has in fact a deep root with more than 50 years of experience and passion!  
Here are few events that marked the history of the company. 

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To know more about Cérience, please download and share our institutional brochure in PDF format.