Decision support tools

Discover our decision support tools (DST) for cover crops, alfalfa and meadows.

The digital innovation at the service of crops

Farmers and suppliers such as Cérience have always been looking for innovations to optimise the profitability of the farms. Genetic, technical, agronomic and now technological innovations with the development of the IT (information technologies) and internet. 
Cérience is involved in the launch of 3 decision support tool (DST), available on smartphone app. 
myChlorofiltre is a free mobile application dedicated to cover crops. It offers 3 services to its users: a decision tool for the cover crops, an establishment guide of the cover crops and a fonctionality able to estimate the biomass through pictures. 
myLuzerne: still in development phase, this tool will enable farmers and advisors to monitor and optimise alfalfa crops: selection of the fields, cultivation advices, yield assesments, etc. 
HappyGrass: this tool is a reference decision support system for cultivation and harwesting of meadows! Cérience is one of the 7 partners cooperating on the development of this unique tool! It offers many features such as harwesting dates advices, and an accurate grazing and field management function. This project is supported by dairy professionals through their organization CNIEL.