S.A.S : Seeds applied solutions


S.A.S : Seeds applied solutions

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Complex solution
  • For alfalfa
  • Improves crop establishment
  • Boosts forage yields and quality
  • Improved biomass
  • Higher protein content
  • Better crop establishment

Benefits in detail

Improves crop establishment:

S.A.S GOLD delivers essential nutrients during the risky establishment phase. This technology offers several benefits:

Improved crop emergence : up to +15% of emerged plants/m².
Stimulation of seedling vigor
Better root development

Boosts production and quality:

S.A.S Gold applies directly on the seed the bacterias that are necessary for the alfalfa's nitrogen nutrition, this pre-inoculation guarantees better performances:

  • Improved yields
  • Higher protein content
  • Better crop establishment

Cérience advices you

S.A.S GOLD is a seed coating technology that promotes the emergence of alfalfa. 
Alfalfa varieties with S.A.S GOLD technology are marketed in PRECIDOSE® of 4.5 million seeds each. 

PRECIDOSE® allows an optimal sowing rate of 900 gr/m² with a yield gain of up to 6%.
PRECIDOSE® help to reach the right sowing rate for more biomass, more vigorous plants and stronger roots. 

We advise you to sow 2 PRECIDOSE®/ha in good conditions and to go up to 2,3 PRECIDOSE®/ha in limiting conditions (cloddy soils, late sowing dates,...).

Composition & Packing


  • Micro-nutrition + pre-inoculation


  • Bags