Forage - Ready to use seed mixtures


Forage mixture of semi-persistent species

A delight for both grazing and mowing!
M-REGAL is a mixture specially designed for mixed mowing and grazing: the complementary nature of the different varieties of clover and grass ensures regular production and excellent forage quality.

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Abundant, regular production;
  • Great flexibility of use;
  • Varieties recognised for their good behaviour in mixtures and their feed and agronomic quality.

Why choose Cérience's M-Régal m

Abundant and regular production:

  • M-REGAL establishes itself and produces very quickly, offering high production from the first farm with the majority presence of hybrid ryegrass and red clover.
  • On subsequent farms, this productivity will be maintained thanks to the synergy between the two grasses (hybrid ryegrass and English ryegrass) and the two legumes (red clover and white clover).

Great flexibility of use:

  • The species and varieties used in this mix have been selected for their suitability for mowing and grazing.
  • The combination of 5 specific varieties means that the grass/legume ratio is long-lasting and regular, whatever the farming method.

Highly complementary species and varieties:

M-REGAL is made up of specific varieties recognised for their good behaviour in mixtures, as well as for their nutritional and agronomic quality:

  • ENDURO: a very persistent tetraploid hybrid ryegrass;
  • SUCRAL: an English ryegrass variety that is very rich in sugars and does not repeat well;
  • VASCO: Incarnate clover, a source of early and abundant production in spring;
  • LESTRIS: a very persistent red clover in a multi-species mixture;
  • MELIFER: a white clover with a very good aptitude in mixtures

Seed technologie

The clovers in this mix are coated with seed technology SAS STIM :

sas-stim sas-stim SAS STIM is a biostimulant to secure the establishment of forage legumes and boost resistance to stress.

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Non-contractual document. The information contained in this document is given for guidance only and may vary according to soil and climate conditions. 
The varieties included in the mix may vary according to availability. 

SAS STIM: our SAS STIM coated seeds contain 70% bare seed and 30% coating. OSYR - AMM n°108002 - No classification - Propriété FRAYSSINET La Mothe 81240 ROUAIROUX.