Forage species


Hybrid ryegrass

Made to last!
ENDURO is a very hardy hybrid ryegrass that adapts very well to a wide range of soil and climatic conditions.

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Highly resistant to disease;
  • High, long-lasting yield;
  • Remarkable longevity.

The benefits in detail

Excellent disease resistance:

  • ENDURO has excellent disease resistance (rust: 6.7; xanthomonas, etc.), guaranteeing palatability, food value and longevity.

High, sustainable yield:

  • ENDURO provides abundant production, particularly in summer and autumn regrowth.
  • This production is largely confirmed throughout the years of operation.
  • Summer regrowth is very leafy, thanks to low re-emergence.

Remarkable longevity:

  • When it was first registered, ENDURO provided a higher yield than the controls from the 2nd year (103% vs. controls) right through to the 3rd year.


Non-contractual document. The information contained in this document is for guidance only and may vary according to soil and climate conditions.