Winter active type

More leaves, more protein!

Fonctionnal benefits

  • High productivity in mediterranean climates ;
  • Improved quality ;
  • Strong resistance to insects and diseases.

Why choose Cérience's Leafy variety?

High productivity in mediterranean climates:

  • LEAFY is a variety coming from our breeding program of varieties adapted to mediterranean climates.
  • LEAFY is a winter active variety with high yielding potential in mediterranean climatic regions (109% compared to refernce varieties in trials performed in Portugal).

Improved quality:

  • Our breeding program focuses on enhancing nutritional value (protein content, digestibility).
  • As the name suggests it, LEAFY is a very leafy variety, with high protein content.

Strong resistance:
Its persistency is secrured by its strong resistance to insects and diseases, particularly anthracnose.

Seeds coating technologies

Leafy is also available with different seeds coating technologies:

Technologies sur semences SAS Life SAS LIFE: mycorrhizae + rhizobium + nutrients cocktail : a technology which optimizes the water and nutrients absorption and improves stress resistance.

pré-inoculation de la luzerne SAS GOLD: rhizobium + nutrients cocktail : a ready-to-use product that maximizes the potential of alfalfa.

Technologies sur semences SAS Energy SAS ENERGY: nutrients cocktail : a coating which secures crop establishment and yields while preventin g trace-elements deficiencies.


Non-contractual document. This document is provided for information purposes only.
Recommandations may vary according to local soil and climate conditions and local agricultural practices.
Our SAS range for alfalfa contains 84 % seeds and 16 % coating solution, except the SAS READY which 70 % seeds and 30 % coating solution. Our alfalfa seeds can be packed in Precidose®, an efficient packing which guaranties an accurate number of seeds per bag. Using 2 Precidose®/ha ensures an optimal sowing density of 900 seeds/m2.