Silage inoculant


Silage inoculant

SILO-KING WS is a forage preservative based on lactic bacteria and enzymes.
It improves the feed efficiency of forages and ensures that your maize, grass and alfalfa silage, wraps, inerted grain maize and wet grain maize are well preserved. 

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Better preserved forage, richer in energy and protein;
  • Healthier, more palatable and digestible fodder;
  • Simple and practical to use.

Why add Silo-King WS to your forage?

Better preserved fodder, richer in energy and protein:

  • SILO-KING® WS limits losses and preserves forage quality thanks to a rapid drop in pH.
  • This rapid drop is linked to the successive fermentation activity of the three strains of lactic bacteria contained in SILO-KING® WS.
  • Dry matter losses are limited by the exclusive use of homofermentative strains; they do not release Co2 during their activity.
  • In addition, the antioxidants provided by SILO-KING® WS limit heating, fermentative recovery and associated dry matter losses.

Healthier, more palatable and digestible fodder:

  • By accelerating lactic fermentation, SILO-KING® WS blocks the development of undesirable micro-organisms (yeasts, butyric bacteria) likely to impair forage quality.
  • Mould growth is also prevented by the antioxidants contained in SILO-KING® WS.
  • Finally, SILO-KING® WS contains enzymes that predigest fibre and starch, thereby improving the zootechnical performance of the animals or the methaniser in the case of energy recovery.

A simple, practical product:
SILO-KING WS is non-corrosive to equipment and non-toxic to living organisms and the environment.


Legal information : 
Non-contractual document. Store in a cool (< 15°C), dry place away from direct sunlight. In the event of prolonged storage, it is advisable to keep the product refrigerated.