Silage inoculant


Silage inoculant

Silo-King Dry forage preservative
For hay and wraps of grass, alfalfa and immature cereals

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Controlled heating
  • Healthier forage
  • Improved feed value
  • Non-corrosivec

Benefits in detail

Better-preserved forage, richer in energy and protein:

  • SILO-KING Dry reduces losses and preserves fodder quality thanks to a rapid drop in pH. This rapid drop is due to the successive fermentative activity of the lactic acid bacteria contained in SILO-KING Dry.
  • In the case of hay, Silo-King Dry helps preserve quality by directing fermentation towards lactic acid fermentation in the event of sub-optimal conditions (M.S. < 80% at the time of baling, or moisture build-up during storage).

Healthier, more palatable and digestible forage:

  • By accelerating lactic fermentation, SILO-KING Dry blocks the development of undesirable micro-organisms (yeasts, butyric bacteria).
  • The anti-oxidants contained in SILO-KING Dry also block the development of molds.
  • Finally, SILO-KING Dry contains enzymes that predigest fibers and starch, thus improving the zootechnical performance of animals.

A simple, practical product:

  • SILO-KING Dry is non-corrosive to materials and non-toxic to living organisms and the environment.
  • SILO-KING Dry is formulated in a very fine semolina for direct.

Appli-Dry applicator

Apply-Dry applicator

The Apply-Dry applicator is designed and distributed by Ermas.
It fits all round and cubic presses.

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Legal information :

Non-contractual document.
Silo-King Dry may cause skin and respiratory irritation and/or sensitivity. Appropriate equipment must be worn during handling.
Keep bags closed and store Silo-King Dry in a cool, dry place (< 15°C), out of direct sunlight.