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White clover

The XXL clover!
GIGA is an extraordinary white clover, selected for its vigorous establishment and exceptional production capacity in association with perennial grasses.

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Surprisingly vigorous establishment ;
  • Remarkable production;
  • Very good persistence.

The benefits in detail

Surprisingly vigorous establishment:

  • Regardless of the perennial grass used and the time of planting (autumn or spring), GIGA is characterised by exceptional establishment vigour.
  • GIGA is also recommended for replanting grassland with white clover.

Remarkable production:

  • Belonging to the giant white clover broad-leaf type, GIGA colonises meadows quickly and sustainably.
  • GIGA has very high yield potential, which can be seen in all breeding areas.

Very good persistence:

  • GIGA is a versatile clover. It adapts very well to different grass associations and farming methods: grazing or mowing.
  • In fact, when mown, its elongated petioles allow it to capture light better, helping it to stay in the association.

No more white clover!

MIXCLOVER, a mix of 3 white clovers

You'll find the GIGA variety in the MIXCLOVER mix.
This mix combines 3 varieties of white clover selected for their complementarity and to optimise the yield of your meadow.
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