Forage species


Tall fescue

Romie: bringing together yielding potential, soft leaves and feeding value !

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Very productive in all situations ;
  • Variety offering a very flexible crop management ;
  • Improved feed quality.

Why choose Romie tall fescue.

Very productive in all situations:

  • ROMIE provides a remarkable production consistency between spring, summer and autumn.
  • Although it is a late heading variety, ROMIE ensures an early production in spring.

Variety offering a very flexible crop management:

  • Bred for its soluble sugar content and its leaves softness, ROMIE is highly palatable and can be used either for grazing or mowing.
  • Late heading, ROMIE offers a very flexible crop management without compromising on fodder quality.

Improved feed quality:

  • Thanks to its excellent resistance profile against diseases, ROMIE ensures the production of a healthy and very palatable forage all year long.
  • In addition to leaves softeness and high soluble sugar content, ROMIE has been bred on its excellent digestibility.

Technologie sur semences

Romie is also available with SAS START technology :

Technologie sur semences SAS Start Biostimulant that enhances crop establishment (establishment speed) and also improves yield and recovery (thanks to increased stress resistance). Reduces water losses in plants during water stress periods and enhances root mass.


This document is provided for information purpose only. Recommendations may vary according to local soil and climate conditions and local agricultural practices.

SAS START: seeds with biostimulant to improve establisment, yield and regrowth
NURSEED HC - MA n°1211087 - No classification - Ownship: FYTEKO 4 allée de la recherche 1070 BRUXELLES BELGIUM. SAS START coating does not modify the weight of the seeds.