Forage species


Tall fescue

The cattle’s favourite tall fescue!

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Very fast establishment
  • Abundant and consistent production
  • Very healthy foliage
  • Suitable for most crop management behaviors

Benefits in detail

Very fast establishment:

  • Very soon after sowing, ILIADE emerges thanks to its establishment vigour.
  • This genetic characteristic is a strength to secure the establishment of young plants.

Abundant and consistent production:

  • ILIADE provides a remarkable production (104% vs. reference) consistent between the spring, the summer and autumn.
  • This is very valuable when other species have a low production.

Very healthy foliage:

  • ILIADE shows an excellent resistance to diseases (rust: 7.2, helminthosporium: 6.9).
  • It’s a very performant variety in terms of parasitic attacks, that guarantees the persitency and a good feed intake.

Suitable for most crop management behaviors:

  • The great leaf softness of ILIADE allows it to be very easily farmed for grazing during more than 50 days before heading.
  • Its softness, combined with a high sugar content ensure it will be well consumed in the field.


Legal notices: 
Scoring refers to registration trials performed in France. They range from 1 (very low) to 9 (very good).
2022 - this document is provided for information purpose only. Recommandations may vary according to local soil and climate conditions and local agricultural practices.