Forage species


Tall fescue

The queen of quality!

Fonctionnal benefits

  • A very soft tall fescue ;
  • Heading date : very late
  • A high-quality and highly digestible forage.

Why choose Alienor tall fescue?

A very soft tall fescue:

  • ALIENOR is a variety with a very late heading date but that starts early in the spring, thus offering more than 48 days of grazing period before heading.
  • Easy to manage the pasture, thanks to its late heading date.

A high-quality and highly digestible forage

  • ALIENOR has excellent disease resistance, which helps to secure production throughout the cycles.
  • ALIENOR is very palatable because it combines a high content of soluble sugars, a very healthy foliage, and an excellent foliage softness.


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