Forage species



A mountain of forage!

GALIBIER is an ochard grass variety very productive.

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Very good 1st cut production 
  • Hyper hardy variety
  • Variety adapted to mix

Benefits in detail

Very productive from the 1st cut:

  • GALIBIER stands out straight on the sowing year through a good establishment vigour (yielding of the 1st cut: 105% compared to the control).
  • The following years, GALIBIER strengthens its performances with an exceptional yielding during spring and also on the following regrowth.

Hyper hardy:

  • Thanks to its excellent resistance to all the diseases (integrated in the table), GALIBIER produces a grass that’s very well consumed and valued by the cattle.
  • Furthermore, GALIBIER stands out through a very good resistance to cold.

Rop management:

  • The early and vigorous start of GALIBIER at the beginning of the spring (31/03) ensures a quality grazing during the spring.
  • Its late heading allows GALIBIER to provide more than 50 days of grazing.


Legal notices:
Scoring refers to registration trials performed in France. They range from 1 (very low) to 9 (very good).
2022 - this document is provided for information purpose only. Recommandations may vary according to local soil and climate conditions and local agricultural practices.