Cover crops and catch crops



The METHA PLUS Chlorofiltre® combines some species with strong methanogenic power and some allowing a high biomass production. 

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Quick development and high biomass at the end of the Summer
  • Quick soil cover
  • Specie with a high methanogenic power
  • Good soil structuring


Rapid development and high biomass in late summer
Cérience has selected HAY-KING (forage sorghum), ROBUS Trèfle d'Alexandrie (moha) and a sunflower with high biomass production for this mix.

Rapid ground cover
The species in the METHA PLUS chlorofilter complement each other to provide maximum soil cover. This coverage reduces the amount of dirt in the field.

Species with high methanogenic power
Chlorofiltre METHA PLUS is a mixture that produces biomass with a high methanogenic yield per hectare.

Good soil structure
The root systems of the species in the mix ensure good soil structuring, both superficially and deeply. 

Biogas production / Biomethane

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