Cover crops and catch crops


Forageable cover crops

Chlorofiltre® Symbiose 3 is a combination of leguminous plants. 

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Combination of legumes with a grass
  • Biomass production activator
  • Improves soil fertility

The benefits in detail

  • Combining legumes with grasses

Legumes have a synergistic effect on associated plants. This association boosts biomass production. 

  • Improved soil fertility

Thanks to legumes, the release of nitrogen for crops in the rotation is significant. What's more, NACRE common vetch is tolerant to Aphanomyces. Finally, legumes help to structure the soil. 

  • Edible cover: mowing

This cover crop can be consumed by mowing. 


Non-contractual document. The information contained in this document is given for guidance only and may vary according to soil and climate conditions. 
The varieties included in the mix may vary according to availability.