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Protein in catch crops!
CEGALO is an incarnate clover variety appreciated for its very early and abundant production in spring.

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Vigorous establishment and good soil cover
  • Abundant, early production;
  • A wide range of uses.

The benefits in detail

Vigorous establishment and good soil cover:

  • CEGALO establishes very quickly from autumn onwards.
  • Its excellent soil cover greatly reduces weediness and enables it to adapt to a wide range of soil and climate conditions.

Abundant, very early production:

  • CEGALO stands out for its earliness and very high yield in the spring.
  • Its vigorous sprouting at the end of winter means that it performs well in association with ryegrass and frees up the soil early without penalising the following crop.

It can be used in a number of ways:

  • Alone or in association with a grass, it can be used for grazing from the end of winter and then several times in spring, as long as the terminal bud is not cut, otherwise its growth is stopped.
  • For mowing, it is best grown in association with Italian ryegrass to ensure energy and protein-rich spring production. It only produces on the 1st cut.


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