Forage - Ready to use seed mixtures


Forage mixture of persistent species

M-MULTIMIX is a 100% grass mixture: its composition includes complementary species and varieties to combine ease of use and performance.

Fonctionnal benefits

  • A blend of 7 grasses;
  • Highly regular production;
  • Quality forage.

The benefits of the M-MULTIMIX grassland mix

An easy-to-use 100% grass mixture:

  • M-MULTIMIX is undemanding and can be used to establish grassland in most soil and climate conditions.
  • Its 100% grass composition also means that weed control can be carried out at the time of establishment.
  • It also makes mowing and fodder conservation easier.

Consistent performance:

  • MAGNIFICAT 1/2-late English ryegrass secures establishment and forage production from spring onwards, while cocksfoot and tall fescue offer high yield potential and well-distributed growth over the year;
  • LIBON meadow fescue and OXFORD Kentucky bluegrass improve the longevity of the meadow thanks to their resistance to cold, excess water, trampling and the bluegrass's ability to colonise degraded areas.
  • Finally, M-MULTIMIX provides regular production thanks to the complementary growth cycles of the tall fescue and orchardgrass varieties: with different earliness, ROMIE (late) and ALIENOR (very late) ensure the presence of tall fescue in the forage throughout the production period. Characterised by an early start and an upright growth habit, TARDI will express its production potential earlier than LUCULLUS without hindering the development of the other species.

Quality forage:

  • M-MULTIMIX is rich in soluble sugars and palatable thanks to our ALIENOR (tall fescue) and MAGNIFICAT (English ryegrass) varieties, selected on this criterion.
  • Protein levels are secured by meadow fescue and orchardgrass, the most protein-rich grasses.


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