Cover crops for vineyards, orchards and vegetables growers


Temporary cover

The ELITE Chlorofiltre® has a high agronomic performance and a good complementarity of the species.

Fonctionnal benefits

  • High biomass production and soil structuring effect
  • Lateness from the Brassica carinata
  • Ease of destruction
  • Very good agronomic profile and good decomposition


High biomass production and soil-structuring effect
NACRE common vetch and TABOR single-cut Alexandria clover produce high levels of biomass in autumn. The complementary nature of the species and root systems has a very positive effect on soil structure.

Tardiness of Abyssinian mustard
Even with summer sowing, there is no seed set. This is a real difference compared with early white mustards.

Very good agronomic profile and good decomposition
Legumes and crucifers complement each other very well. What's more, these varieties are easy to destroy, either by rolling or crushing.


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