Cover crops for vineyards, orchards and vegetables growers


Temporary cover

Chlorofiltre® Mix+ enables high production of multi-species biomass.

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Very good soil structure
  • Very good crop precedent
  • High capture of various mineral elements

The benefits in detail

Very good soil structuring

  • Complementary root systems have a positive effect on soil structure: the taproot of DAIKON Asian radish, the powerful root system of ALTESSE and that of NACRE common vetch.

Very good crop precedent

  • Chlorofiltre Mix + has a high capacity to trap various mineral elements, making it a very good previous crop, combined with the soil-structuring effect. 

Easy to destroy


Non-contractual document. The information contained in this document is for guidance only and may vary according to soil and climate conditions. 
The varieties included in the mix may vary according to availability.