Cover crops and catch crops

Chlorofiltre Blédor S.A.S FLY

Catch and cover crops

Chlorofiltre® Blédor is the ideal cover crop between 2 cereals to control takeall and other soil diseases.

Fonctionnal benefits

  • High biomass production
  • During summer between 2 wheats (specific species and varieties)
  • Bio fumigation (reducing some pathogenic fungi)
  • Enhance the biological activity of the soil (legumes effect)
  • Fast break down (low C/N ratio)

Benefits in detail

High summer biomass production between 2 winter wheats:

Thanks to the complementary action of vetches and brown mustard, biomass production is optimized.


The brown mustard VITTASSO is a late variety with a high glucosinolate (sinigrine) content. These glucosinolates have a reducing effect on takeall and fusarium.

Supports the biological activity of the soil:

MASSA and TITANE vetches are hardy varieties that are not very sensitive to pests (slugs, aphids,...) and they support the development of the brown mustard VITTASSO. Thanks to their low C/N ratio, there is a very good mineralization. 

Coating technology:

Cholorofiltre Blédor benefits from the new S.A.S FLY seed technology, thanks to which the seed can be sown in a classic way but also be broadcasted in the standing crop. This coating technology support the cover crops establishment even in limiting conditions and improves the ballistic effect for broadcasting the seeds evenely up to 24m width, depending on the equipment used (preferably a fertilizer spreader).

Technologie sur semences

Les semences de moutarde présentes dans ce couvert végétal sont enrobées avec la technologie SAS FLY :

Enrobage semences SAS Fly SAS FLY contient un biostimulant pour sécuriser l'implantation du couvert et renforcer la résistance aux stress. Il améliore également l'effet balistique des semences pour les semis à la volée.
SAS FLY est une technologie utilisable en agriculture biologique (UAB).

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Chlorofiltre Blédor dans la presse

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