Cover crops and catch crops


Companion crops

A combination of 2 clovers with a dual effect: rape companion plant and permanent cover.

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Permanent cover approach
  • High biomass production
  • Easy to sow


Permanent cover approach

TABOR Alexandria clover is an excellent rapeseed companion plant. It is very easy to destroy during the winter and does not require chemical destruction. ABERLASTING dwarf white clover can also persist under oilseed rape throughout its cycle. It will cover the soil as soon as the rape is harvested, until the next crop is planted.

High biomass production

TABOR is the benchmark Alexandria clover variety for use as a rapeseed companion plant. In autumn, it produces 30 to 50% more biomass than other Alexandria clover varieties and covers the soil quickly. As a result, it actively combats soil contamination and is highly disturbing to insects.

Easy to sow and destroy 

The weight per unit area of the 2 clover varieties and the rapeseed make for a homogeneous mix that can be sown in a single pass. TABOR is a variety that naturally senesces during the winter. It is very easy to destroy.


Non-contractual document. he information contained in this document is given for guidance only and may vary according to soil and climatic conditions. 
he varieties included in the mix may vary according to availability.