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Donation of vegetable seeds for Ukraine


Cérience is participating in a solidarity operation implemented by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs in conjunction with the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty and coordinated by SEMAE.

Several actors specialized in seed production participated in this operation (Graines Voltz, Limagrain and Cérience) in order to collect maximum amount of vegetable seeds could be sent to fulfill the needs of the Ukrainian population. 
The seeds collected will cover more than 9,500 hectares of agricultural land and vegetable gardens, and will enable the harvesting of up to 26,000 tons of food production.

On our side, we have provided 1.5 tons of forage peas, seeds that were first collected by one of our partners before being transported to the north of Ukraine. All of these donations mainly benefit rural populations located in areas affected by the war, and respond to requests made by the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture.

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