Cover crops for vineyards, orchards and vegetables growers

A complete range of permanent or short-term cover crops for vineyards, orchards or market gardening.

Cover crops dedicated to specialised crops

Cover crops are nowadays crucial for vineyards, orchards and vegetable crops. They place soil and agronomy in a central position and perfectly meet the new social expectations. 

Cérience offers you 2 very extensive range: 

  • Temporary cover crops: CHLOROFILTRE range 
  • Permanent cover crops: VIVER range 

For permanent cover crops, we give priority to perennial species such as alfalfa, white clover, or grasses such as tall fescue or ryegrass. They have the ability to regrow each year and ensure good soil coverage without competing too much with the crop.  

When it comes to temporary cover crops, vetches are particularly interesting because some varieties ensure a high and rapid biomass production with a rooting system allowing a good soil exploration. 
Some of our cover crops have a complementary action on the soil. For example, Viver Néma Contrôle is a natural way to control the fan leaf virus. In the same way, Viver Cavaillon which is to be sown under the row is an alternative solution for soil management without herbicide.

Agronomic benefits

Cover cropping is now a well-known technique suitable to every soil (pedoclimatic situation, nitrogen and water requirements, destruction, etc.) with a choice of low competition species .  

For conventional or organic farming, the many benefits of the cover crops are no longer to be demonstrated: protection against soil compaction and erosion, improvement of soil structure, organic matter increase, trapping of nitrogen, release of fertilising elements, wildlife protection, etc. Cover crops is also an adequate response to restrictions on herbicide use; permanent cover crops is a smart solution for weed control.