Cérience, the seed producer agronomist

Cérience was born from the merger of Terrena semences and Jouffray-Drillaud, two Terrena entities, the first French polyculture and mixed livestock
agricultural cooperative.

This strategic merger makes Terrena a leader in the production of maize, vegetables, fodders, cereals and legumes seeds.

This merger fits perfectly with Terrena’s agricultural project of progress
through the research and development of seeds and solutions
that reconcile respect for life with progresses resulting from increased knowledge and contributions of new technologies.



With Cérience, we want to serve
farmers, people and nature,
through an agronomy that is sustainable and beneficial to all.

Today, we all want Farming to be productive, competitive, eco-friendly and sustainable. Farming which provides food to the global population while preserving the soil and our planet and sustaining farms.
But saying it is not worthy enough and action is essential too.
And we do so with Cérience.

Luc Saint-Bonnet, Cérience Managing Director

Luc Saint Bonnet
Luc Saint-Bonnet


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