S.A.S : Seeds applied solutions


S.A.S : Seeds applied solutions

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Complex solution
  • For organic farming
  • For all types of crops
  • Boosts root development
  • Better plant growth
  • Optimizes seedling nutrition
  • Improves resistance to stress

Benefits in detail

  • Protects auxins (root growth hormones) and boosts root development

  • Activates the lignification process of the roots

  • Optimizes seedling nutrition at crop establishment 

  • Boosts photosynthesis and auxin development to secure crop growth

  • Optimizes nitrogen-phosphorus supply at crop establishment phase

  • Better stress resistance 

  • Can be used in organic agriculture according to EU regulation 2018/848 & EU

Cérience advices you

S.A.S INSEMO B is a seed technology with an anti-stress effect. The biostimulant OSYR (registered biostimulant) stimulates the root growth which brings a better water supply and a better resistance to stress. 
S.A.S INSEMO B contains zinc and manganese. Zinc is an essential trace element for the growth and the fertility of the plant. Manganese is involved in the mechanisms of photosynthesis, the growth of the plant and its maturity.
S.A.S INSEMO B is available on corn and white lupin seeds of the Cérience range. We advise you to get in touch with your agri-dealer for more information on varieties delivered with this technology.

Composition & Packing

Composition : 

  • Root growth activator + micro-nutrition 

Conditionnement : 

  • Bags