Breeder and seeds producer, Cérience offers you a wide range of species for forage production, field crops and specialised crops. 

Cérience, a seeds producer and an agronomist at the same time! 

Cérience breeds, produces and distributes seeds in France and in many countries on the 5 continents! We offer you a portfolio of more than 200 varieties of fodders, alfalfas, cover crops, pulses and seeds for field crops.  
Our strength: approximately 80% of our varieties come from our own research and breeding programs; for example, Cérience is the 1st breeder of legumes in Europe!  
Our difference: our constant wish to position agronomy at the heart of crops and sustainable agriculture. Our innovations have a dual purpose: Improving yields while reducing our environmental footprint. Green manure, vineyard cover crops, companion planting for oil seed rape or maize undersowing mixture, are examples of our innovations. 

Our DNA: be close to the field, to our customers and to our product users. Our duty as agronomist makes sense when we are on the field. Knowledge sharing with the farmers or agronomist is a source of inspiration and innovation for us!



The alfalfa is a persistent legume with a high-yielding potential, rich in protein and resistant to drought. A great forage crop to reach protein autonomy!

Forage - Ready to use seed mixtures

"M-Mixes" multi-species mixture offer you many benefits: wide portfolio, food value, yields consistency, tolerance to climatic stress, etc.

Forage species

For cattle breeding, we offer you one of the widest choices of fodders species on the market: grasses, legumes, cruciferous, sorghum, etc.

Organic farming

In order to support organic farming in cattle breeding, field crops or vineyards, we offer you a wide range of organic or untreated seeds, for organic farming.

Cover crops and catch crops

Leader in the market of cover crops, discover our ready-to-use mixes: cover crop, green manure, methanation, companion plants, under sowing cover crops, flower or fallows mixtures etc.

Cover crops for vineyards, orchards and vegetables growers

Vineyard cover crops: temporary or permanent cover crops, interrow cover crops, low competition mixtures, green manure, nematod control, etc.

Cover crops species

Do you wish to create your own mix or drill a single specie, just discover our assortment adapted for cover crops: legumes, cruciferous, black oat, etc.

Field crops

Cérience offers you exclusive and performant field crop species: grain maize, silage maize, sunflower, oil seed rape and lupine.

Decision support tools

Choosing a cover crop, biomass evaluation, choosing an optimal weather window to mow the meadow or go for a digital grazing calendar… Discover the innovations of our Decision Support Tools!