Organic farming

Atoll - Organic seeds

UAB - Organic forage crops

Super productive and extra-rich in leaves!

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Very high production from the 1st cut
  • Regrowth very rich in leaves
  • Very healthy foliage.

Benefits in detail

ATOLL distinguishes itself by a very good productivity starting from the first cut (103% vs. referecne) ensuring performance and consistency over the season.

Regrowth very rich in leaves:

  • ATOLL is characterized by a very good ratio leaves/stems.
  • Furthermore, ATOLL seed head development is slow  after its first cut (rating: 5.1): its regrowths are leafy and vigorous.

Very healthy foliage:

  • ATOLL has a high level of resistance to diseases (blights, helminthosporium) and therefore provides a healthy, palatable and quality forage.
  • Resistant to lodging, ATOLL is easy to mow, also limiting the introduction of dirt in the forage.


Legal notices:
Scoring refers to registration trials performed in France. They range from 1 (very low) to 9 (very good).
2022 - this document is provided for information purpose only. Recommandations may vary according to local soil and climate conditions and local agricultural practices.