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UAB - Organic forage crops

Assas forage pea
A legume selected for its high biomass production in autumn.
Type: semi-early
Perenniality: short duration, 7 to 9 months

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Assas produces a high biomass: 5 to 8 t/MS/ha ;
  • A forage rich in cellulose and nitrogen: 18 to 22 U/ MAT ;
  • A palatable, non-weathering variety.

Fodder pea: harvested as fodder or grain

ASSAS is recommended for use in association with a cereal crop such as triticale.

  • This combination can be harvested either as fodder or as grain,
  • If harvested as fodder, it can be harvested from the early flowering stage to the green grain stage (milky/doughy stage of the cereal), depending on the yield and quality objectives.

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