Organic farming


UAB - Organic cover crops

The SOLEG Chlorofiltre® ensures an excellent nitrogenous restitution for the next crop.

Fonctionnal benefits

  • Quick installation and good cover in the fall
  • Improvement of the soil fertility
  • Ease of destruction
  • High biomass production

Benefits in detail

Quick installation and good autumn cover
At Cérience, we select rough oats and vetches. That's why we chose OCEANE rough oats for the SOLEG B Chlorofilter, for their biomass production capacity and covering power. The common vetches NACRE and SPIDO establish quickly and cover the soil very well. 

Improved soil fertility
Thanks to the high proportion of legumes in this cover crop, we can see the positive effect of legumes in structuring the soil and capturing nutrients.

Easy to destroy
We have selected varieties that are easy to destroy, particularly for organic farming systems. 


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